La Estrella, Colombia

La Estrella, Colombia


Region: Acevedo, Huila.

Process: Washed

Notes: Papaya, Tangerine, Nougat, Honey.

La Estrella is from Acevedo, a municipality located in the south-easternmost corner of the Huila department of Colombia. Wedged in the fork between the central and eastern mountain ranges where the Colombian Andes, coming up from the south, split into three distinct mountain ranges; the Western, Central and Eastern ‘Cordilleras’.

The affect that this has on Acevedo microclimates is that of a simulated increase in elevation, diversity in humidity, temperature and rainfall, leading to ideal coffee-growing conditions. The cooler nights that occur at these higher elevations lead to slower cherry maturation, which leads to a sweeter, more complex cup.

This delicate coffee is ideal for pour-overs and well prepared espresso.

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