Daniel Moreno, Honduras. (R.I.P)

Daniel Moreno, Honduras. (R.I.P)


The Moreno family patriarch, Daniel Moreno, started coffee farming in 1963 with the purchase of El Campo, a plantation that is still in production and is
increasingly being managed amongst his seven sons: Miguel, Mario, Jesus, Gerardo, Olvin, Mabel and Danny. Together the brothers, their father and these days the even younger generation of Moreno family members have become somewhat of a coffee farming dynasty in Santa Barbara, inspiring many of their neighbours and beyond to farm specialty coffee.

Sadly Daniel Moreno passed away in April. This is one of his final crops.

Support this legendary coffee family.

Region: Santa Barbara

Altitude: 1450 - 1550 MASL

Process Washed. 

Notes: Plum, Strawberry, Almond.

Ideal for a juicy espresso Shot, french press or batch brew.

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