Honduras, Isaias Fernadez La Fincona

Honduras, Isaias Fernadez La Fincona


Isaias is a third-generation coffee farmer and works side-by-side with his brother, Nahun, and his father, Andres, at the family’s farm and processing facility, where coffee cherries are pulped and parchment is dried in a modern solar drier.

Both he and his brother were both born and raised at the farm, Don Andres (named after their father), so the family literally live and breathe coffee. Whereas Nahun continues to reside at Don Andres, Isaias lives with his family closer to Las Flores, where Isaias’ children attend school.

Don Andres (the farm) was first planted in 1974 and Andres (the man) continues to be an active part of coffee production.

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